How do I maximize MyData Rewards™?

We want you to make the most of MyData Rewards™ and earn more cash with everyday browsing. Here are 3 tips to keep you in the green.

1. Quantity: Earn more by using the browser more.

You can earn up to $100 per month, generally the more Web pages you visit the more you can earn, with some exceptions.

Keep in mind, we cannot monetize browsing of financial institutions, government agencies, healthcare content or adult themes.

Don’t forget to set your computer so Cocoon is your default browser. Since no other browser will pay you for your data, make sure you only use Cocoon for all of your browsing.

2. Quality: Earn more by visiting top tier sites.

Top tier sites are websites that have lots of traffic and therefore lots of advertising.

This increases the opportunity for the advertisers that are buying your anonymous data to show relevant ads on these sites.

Increasing the advertising opportunity by visiting top tier sites should in turn increase your earnings.

3. Variety: Earn more by visiting different kinds of sites.

Monetizing browsing data allows companies to better understand people’s interests for advertising and marketing purposes. So, the more DIFFERENT sites you visit allows them to better understand people and thus makes your data more valuable. 

Please note, we cannot monetize if unusual activity is detected, such as refreshing the same page over and over. This is to prevent fraud and ensure the best experience for all parties.

With all the news, social, and shopping there is to browse, your cash rewards are endless. We hope these tips help you maximize your MyData Rewards™.

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