(Error) Unknown: Try Again

When the Cocoon Toolbar displays this error, it indicates that the browser is unable to contact or communicate with Cocoon servers or establish a secure connection. This can be due to multiple reasons:

You are trying to connect to Cocoon from a country with restrictive Internet censorship.

Some countries, such as China or Iran, have restrictions on Internet content. These restrictions frequently interfere with Cocoon's ability to work from inside those countries. This is a partial list of countries:

China, Iran, Malaysia, Vietnam

You are trying to connect to Cocoon from behind a corporate firewall.

Some corporate firewalls have been able to block Cocoon. Though these are very few, they can be difficult to circumvent. At this time, we do not have a list of possible firewalls and content control programs that block Cocoon.

No Internet Connection

If the computer has no connection to the Internet, you won't be able to get to Cocoon's servers. This error will be displayed.

Slow Internet Connection

Cocoon is generally fine with a slow Internet connection and will not disconnect; however, in some very slow connection circumstances, you may find yourself unable to connect.


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