Cocoon for iOS Development

Hi everyone, Thomas here!

I've gotten a good number of questions over the past few days from new users asking about the status of Cocoon for iOS! You have probably noticed that the apps are not available for download on the website. We have them listed as Coming Soon, because they are!

What will the iOS application give you? I can't get into specifics while development is ongoing, but I can give a few little tidbits!

  • Privacy and Security (exactly what you'd expect)
  • Ad-blocking and an ad-free experience
  • Our proxy technology to help you browse U.S.-based content

So, how long until development is complete and you can use the iOS browser for yourself? That's information I just don't have at this time! Rest assured, though, our devs are spinning their hamster wheels at max speed to get it done! If you have questions, fire them away to me at!

Cheers, everyone!




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